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Fortune Bubble Gum

Fortune Bubble gum, an 80s candy icon, has been reintroduced in a modern version. The brand’s nostalgic appeal and chewy texture make it a perfect treat for birthday parties, graduation parties, and more. It quickly became a popular choice among today’s consumers. Here are some fun facts about the retro candy.

Original Fortune Bubble gum was sold individually in orange wrappers. It featured a Confucius guy whose fortune was printed on each wrapper. Each piece of gum contained a fun fortune. The gum was durable and the packaging was attractive. These gums are not available in many stores anymore, but the brand is still available on eBay and on many online retailers’ sites.

Fortune Bubble isn’t the only candy with questionable marketing. There are many examples, including the infamous “Hippy Sippy” released by R.L. Albert in the late 1960s. The candy was packaged in a plastic syringe, and was accompanied by slogan pins on the packaging. It was eventually withdrawn after a public outcry. This example of questionable marketing is one of the many examples of “racist” marketing in American confectionery history.