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Female Travel Urinals For Car Travel

How to Use a Female Urinal For Car Travel

An essential travel accessory, portable female urinals make great additions to any camping, hiking or car trip. Not only can these devices save time but they ensure you remain hygienic on the go.

How to Use a Female Urinal for Car Travel

Utilizing a female urinal is easy when travelling by car; all it requires is positioning the funnel under your urethra with gravity in mind and choosing from different size funnels that fit best with you.

If you are new to using female urinals, it is highly advised that you practice before traveling. This will give you an understanding of how best to use it while helping prevent potential issues with the device.

Some female urinals come equipped with ergonomic grip areas that make holding easier. You should look for a urination device that can easily be emptied and cleaned using soap and water, with graduation markings on its side to indicate when an empty is needed.

Freshette Sports & Travel Female Urinary Device (Pee Funnel), Reusable Portable Urinal: Crafted of Strong Plastic is ideal for travel use and is also reusable and portable for women’s urinal use.

The Freshette female urination device is an extremely convenient choice among outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. With a palm-sized funnel to contour to your body for increased performance, the Freshette stands out among competitors as an effortless choice to meet daily urination needs.

This lightweight system is also easy to transport, while being hygienic and built for long-term durability.

You can use a portable urinal on land or in your car, though its use in moving vehicles may prove more complex. Take extra precaution to position it below your urethra so as to not spill any urine onto the floor or seats.

How to Clean a Female Urinal for Car Travel

Before using a reusable female urinal for travel purposes, be sure to thoroughly wash it using soap and water or wipes until access to freshwater is available. In addition, consider disinfecting it prior to placing in your bag or trunk.

Some reusable female urinals for car travel come equipped with a carrying case and are TSA approved, not overflowing while fitting perfectly into your luggage.

Venus to Mars can also be used in your car; it consists of a pouch which converts liquid into gel when exposed to crystals within.

Crystals may be sticky and difficult to clean, but when used properly they will help prevent leakage in a moving vehicle. This is particularly important.

She-Wee Flexi is another top choice designed for use in moving vehicles. This funnel’s lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver, and comes equipped with an extension tube designed to help manage layers of clothing.