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How To Fast Travel 2k22

How to Fast Travel in NBA 2k22

There are a few ways to fast travel in NBA 2k22, but you must work to unlock them all. Once unlocked, these methods will enable you to move around the game world much quicker and easier than before. Here are some of them:

First and foremost, in MyCAREER you must speak to Non Playable Characters to unlock the ability of fast travel back to your apartment when necessary. This is by far the fastest way to return from any location within The City – especially if you need to make an urgent trip back for practice at Erick’s Vinyl or some music trivia.

Fast travel in NBA 2k22 can also be accomplished through shortcuts set up within the game. These will make navigating around the map much simpler, and they are accessible across all areas. They can be accessed through quick play settings found within menus.

NBA 2k22 offers some excellent shortcuts, such as fast traveling to subway stations scattered throughout the City. These spawn locations can be quickly found by pressing R1 on your PlayStation(r) 5 console.

You can find these by searching for teleport pads throughout the game, which are special locations that instantly transport you to a different area. To teleport to one of these, simply stand on it and press your action button.

Finally, you can utilize glitches in the game to quickly warp to different locations. These are an excellent way to expedite your journey in NBA 2k22, but they should only be used sparingly; thus, it is recommended that you only utilize them sparingly.

Spawn Points are another type of fast travel available in NBA 2k22, though they will take some effort to obtain. To obtain them, you must first complete a mission at the NBA Store near the center of the map then proceed down an alley to meet an NPC named ATM with whom you must communicate.

Once you have successfully completed this mission, you will receive a notification stating that you have unlocked custom spawn points. These will allow you to quickly warp to any location within the City from various spawn points located throughout its perimeter.

If you want to quickly hop back home in NBA 2k22, use the R1 feature on the console by pressing R1. Reloading your Career will then begin at your nearest home automatically.

NBA 2k22’s City is much bigger than last year’s iteration, making navigating around it quite challenging if you have many quests to complete. You must quickly move around to finish tasks such as finding Jake from State Farm.