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Can I Eat Sushi After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may be wondering if it is possible to eat sushi after having your wisdom teeth removed. While the traditional Japanese dish is not difficult, there are some ingredients that might not be suitable for you. For example, sushi may contain raw rice and other crunchy foods like cucumber and carrots. Regardless of what kind of sushi you choose to enjoy, you should avoid hot beverages and eating large chunks of food for at least a week following your procedure.

Besides the sushi, you can eat hummus and guacamole. These two foods are rich in fiber and vitamins and are also suitable for after-surgery snacks. As for hard foods, be aware that they may aggravate the wound. Avoid foods containing seeds and grains as they can get stuck at the extraction site and hinder the healing process. Fruit smoothies can be a convenient way to get your protein fix, as they are low in acid and can be easily consumed without chewing.

Soft foods, such as soft soups, are best to eat after wisdom teeth removal. You should ensure that they are at a comfortable temperature. Hot liquids may burn the area and numb your mouth. Besides, you can try pureed vegetables and mashed fruits to help your mouth feel better. Ice cream can also be used to ease the pain. You should avoid eating small pieces of food after wisdom tooth removal as they can cause irritation to the surgical site. They can get stuck in the area and cause the wound to re-open. You may eventually get an infection.

It is important to remember that sushi after wisdom teeth removal is best when you eat soft fish like salmon. The soft texture of the fish makes it easy to swallow and has great nutrition for the body. For the first few weeks following surgery, you should avoid eating anything hard or chewy. How much food and beverages you are allowed to eat and drink following your surgery will determine how well you recover.

Blended soup is a great option if you are concerned about mixing flavours and textures after wisdom teeth removal. These are high in vitamins and enzymes and taste great. Greek yogurt can be added to your smoothie for more protein. Make sure to avoid seeds. Soups are another option. Besides being easy to digest, they provide nutrition from whole foods. Try to avoid any fruit or vegetables that may contain seeds or chunks.

If your wisdom teeth extraction was done through a local anesthetic, you can resume your daily activities the day afterward. However, you’ll want to avoid caffeinated beverages for at least the first week after the procedure. Caffeine can cause irritation to the wound and dry socket. Alcohol is another culprit that can lead to dry socket, so it’s best to drink water after wisdom teeth removal.