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infrequent urination dry skin and dizziness are all symptoms of

Changes in urination and infrequent bowel movements are all symptoms of kidney disease. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, edema, fatigue, skin rash, and metallic taste. Diabetics are at increased risk for urinary tract infection and yeast infections. Infrequent urination is often accompanied by dizziness, fatigue, and flank and leg pain.

Common causes of dizziness include heat exposure, standing for long periods, and poor fluid intake. Some conditions may cause mild or moderate dizziness, and you should seek medical advice immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. In rare cases, dizziness is a sign of a life-threatening illness and should be treated as such. Symptoms of viral illness can include a loss of balance, infrequent urination, dry skin, and infrequent urination.

Infrequent urination, dry skin, and dizziness are signs of dehydration. Drinking enough water will help to replenish fluids. A higher fever can cause dehydration. Sweating excessively and engaging in vigorous activities can also increase dehydration. In addition, the symptoms of dehydration may occur as a symptom of diabetes or a urinary tract infection. Some medications can cause increased urination.

A high level of blood sugar can also lead to frequent trips to the bathroom. Drinking too much caffeine or water can increase your sugar levels. Both of these can lead to DKA. If this is the case, your doctor should consider an adjustment in your treatment. If you experience any of these symptoms, visit a physician right away to get diagnosed and treated. Keep in mind that all these symptoms are warning signs of a more serious condition.