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Burn Icu Travel Nurse

Burn Icu Travel Nurse

Burn icu travel nurses are dedicated to saving lives. Their care may extend from operating room duties, ICU care or trauma center care at hospital trauma centers – making this field of nursing an excellent way for people looking to maximize their off-the-clock experience while providing superior medical attention for patients in need.

Burn icu travel nurses’ duties usually include responding to emergency calls, stocking sterile equipment and administering post-operative pain management. Additionally, these nurses are responsible for tracking patients’ progress by performing full body examinations and coordinating their medical files with surgeons, therapists and hospital staff.

The best travel nurse agencies provide support, training, and technology that allows their nurses to reach their maximum potential. Doing some research will go far towards making sure you receive excellent care in a supportive and safe environment. Ardor Health Solutions, Ascend National Healthcare Staffing and Destination Travelcare are top ranked agencies on Vivian with stellar credentials that can assist you on your quest for finding your ideal match – understanding who they work for is key for ensuring success!