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Fortuna Sworn Series

Fortuna Sworn – Book Review

Fortuna Sworn is the last member of her family. She has spent the past two years searching for her missing brother. She works at a bar in the daytime and spends her nights searching for him. She meets Collith, a mysterious faerie who promises to take her to her brother in exchange for a fee. When Fortuna sees that the faerie is willing to help her, she decides to give him a chance.

Fortuna Sworn is a fantasy novel for adults, and was released on June 23, 2019. It contains themes of slavery, cannibalism, and abusive relationships, as well as some profanity. The book is not recommended for those who are sensitive to these topics.

Fortuna’s powers may not be as powerful as those of the other characters. She lacks the sense of danger that makes her faerie counterparts so powerful. She also feels unremarkable in many ways. Fortuna is a Nightmare after all.

Fortuna’s storyline develops steadily as the storyline continues. She must learn more about Collith, and she must figure out what Laurie wants. Fortuna also has to deal with more complicated characters like Oliver. There are many other characters that contribute to the dark atmosphere.

The series begins with Fortuna being held as a slave in the black market. Then, she is saved by a mysterious dark-haired Faerie stranger. She escapes the black market and enacts revenge, but soon after, she finds herself in the underground kingdom of the Unseelie.