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Cody Johnson Traveling Soldier

Cody Johnson Covers The Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier”

Cody Johnson is known to be a country music purist, and that can be seen through his recent videos featuring full band acoustic performances that have amassed views and comments online. One such performance video included his rendition of Bruce Robison’s hit “Travelin’ Soldier”, popularized by The Chicks.

As a former rodeo rider, this song held great meaning for him. Not only does it convey his passion for rodeo riding, but also encourages you to follow your own dreams without allowing failure define you.

The lyrics are straightforward yet emotive, as they express a core truth: success requires hard work and perseverance to attain.

Cody Johnson takes a chance on this song that may not be his most famous tune but still holds dear to his heart. His cover of it shows off all his talents as an excellent singer-guitarist-songwriter.

He’s not trying to be an all-in-one talent; rather, his performance pays homage to a song that means something personal for him. Backed by an experienced band that nearly nails it perfectly, and as a result of all this hard work comes an amazing video which must be seen to believe!

No matter your musical tastes or how familiar or unfamiliar The Chicks may be to you, their song “Traveling Soldier” deserves repeated listens – you might even be inspired to purchase their 2002 hit album Home!