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How To Make A Narcissist Obsessed With You

The first rule of dating a narcissist is to avoid comparing yourself to others. This is a common mistake and you must never fall in love with someone based on their personality. If you do, you are likely to become a victim of their manipulation and obsession. The reason why narcissists get obsessed with other people is that they lack empathy and the capacity to love.

The best way to attract a narcissist is to give them the attention that they need. They are constantly in search of approval and want to be the center of attention. You should not play around. They have their own interests and activities. They won’t have time to play with you, so be sure to be busy. Keeping busy will also help you stay out of your way.

A narcissist wants to be number one in everything. This is why they need constant attention. Whether it is physical appearance or social status, they need constant validation from you. You have to be physically attractive to keep their attention. If this is not possible, they will move on to someone else and be less interested in you. In order to achieve this, you must stay in their orbit constantly.

It is important to realize that a narcissist is a perfectionist. They are always striving to impress you and get your approval. Therefore, ensuring you’re constantly busy will keep them occupied. Lastly, you should not become a narcissist’s plaything. This is because they have their own interests and are not looking for someone to do all of the time.

The first step to winning a narcissist’s heart is to realize that he or she is insatiable. A narcissist’s desire to be number one means that he or she is constantly chasing you. This can lead to a serious relationship if you have a strong bond with this person. However, it is unlikely that a narcissist will commit to you.

It is not always easy to make a narcissist obsessed with you. However, if you can learn to control a narcissist’s emotions, you will win over their heart in a matter of weeks. In the end, they’ll stop caring about you and move on to a new source of supply. And they’ll go where it’s easier to get it from.

The first step to making a narcissist addicted to you is to stop sharing information that you know. Keeping secrets and lying to each other are common among narcissists, and it’s important to stop this. It will only serve to sabotage your relationship with a narcissist. They’ll be able to detect when you’re telling them a secret and will eventually stop stalking you.

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