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HCR Long Travel Suspension Kits

HCR Racing’s long travel kits are engineered to offer light and accurate steering with suspension capable of handling even the harshest terrain. Crafted out of various materials, including box-section control arms that have been cut bent and TIG welded onto their frames for added strength while boasting I-beam designs on their outer edges for increased strength.

HCR’s custom Elite Material provides 30% higher tensile and yield strength than 4130-series chromoly, replacing many stock suspension components such as ball joints and torsion bars with ease.

This kit provides an increase in track width by 10 inches and 2 inch wheelbase length to enhance handling, and high-clearance front A-arms that add 1.25 inches of ground clearance.

These high links are an essential addition for recreational trail riders and rock crawlers looking for extra clearance under their rear tires to avoid rocks on trails, while an aluminum set can also be purchased separately at an additional cost.

HCR Long Travel kits are expertly hand-tuned in-house to guarantee shock valving and spring rates are perfectly tailored to match the UTV they were made for. No kit is released for public consumption without extensive field testing in desert terrain such as dunes, rocks, or beaches – giving you guaranteed top shelf performance from each kit!