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Which Is A Valid Mental Health Resource

When looking for information about mental health, it’s important to remember that the National Institute of Mental Health, or NIMH, funds research. These resources are intended to be used for informational purposes only. They do not endorse or recommend NIMH. The National Institute of Mental Health owns a website that provides a wealth of information, including podcasts and news stories. It’s important to remember, however, that even government-sponsored websites are not always reliable.

Unfortunately, the United States continues to have negative attitudes towards mental illness, especially among the Black community. Sixty-three percent of Black adults feel that having a mental illness demonstrates weakness. Fear of discrimination, shame, and other stigmas can discourage many from seeking care and treatment for mental health problems. These stigmas can make it more difficult, if possible, to seek treatment. But if stigma is your primary concern, seeking care is an important step in healing.

Lack of insurance coverage: Getting mental health care is difficult for millions of Americans, because mental health treatment is often unaffordable or out-of-network. As a result, many people are forced to seek mental health treatment outside of their insurance network. These out-of-network visits come with higher out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-network mental healthcare is not as beneficial. They make it easier for those who are most in need to seek help.