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Flyertalk Sw Travel Bank Expiration

United Credit Cards – TravelBank Benefits

United customers might be interested to know that the airline offers special credit card benefits for those who travel with it. IHG(r) Rewards Premier Credit Card and IHG(r) Rewards Premier Business Credit Card both provide up to $50 in TravelBank Cash annually as a thank you for flying with United.

TravelBank Cash can be earned during a two-week crossover period each calendar year, where customers can deposit $25 in early January and another $25 in early July. Unfortunately, these funds expire after six months so it’s wise to use them up before then.

The Expiration Policy

TravelBank Cash can expire and forfeiture at any time unless used. United does allow its members to extend their TravelBank Cash for an additional six months after expiration for a fee of $100.

TravelBank Cash FAQ | Book New Travel with Us

If you have unused TravelBank Cash, you have two options: book new travel under your original confirmation number or use it to pay for another ticket. Typically, booking under your original confirmation number will be more affordable than using it as payment for another flight; thus, there will be fewer fees associated with a changed itinerary.

You have the option to cancel your PNR within 24 hours and get a refund back to the original form of payment, keeping any unused TravelBank Credit intact. This is an effective way to avoid becoming too dependent on TravelBank and risking losing those funds.

I believe this is the most beneficial upgrade to the system since Southwest began displaying travel bank credits on its website. It should eliminate some of the complications that have come with trying to use these credits in the past.