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Free People Brookside Sweater

Free People Brookside Sweater

If you are looking for a trendy sweater to wear on a chilly winter’s day, you might want to check out the Free People Brookside Sweater. This piece comes in a few different colors, and it can be found for under $50 at retailers like Nordstrom. It features a rounded V-like neckline that resembles a drop-shoulder look, and a slouchy fit that makes it comfortable to wear. You can dress this up or down, and it will work with everything from jeans to leggings and skirts.

The Free People Brookside Sweater is made from a cotton blend and 2% nylon. While the brand is known for its oversized sweaters, this particular style is a little less oversized. The neckline is a little less dropped, but it still has the scooped and slouchy look that is so popular for fall and winter.

Aside from the slouchy-fitting design of this sweater, there are other cool-looking things about it. One is the space-dye knit fabric, which gives the garment a nice look. Another is the rounded, but slightly curved V-neckline. Both of these are a sign of a quality product from a reputable brand.

Another snazzy feature is the ribbing along the hem and neckline of the sweater. The quality of this sweater is top-notch, and you will get a lot of use out of it. Some people prefer to wear the sweater with casual bottoms, such as jeans, or even with a dressier pair of trousers. There are three colors to choose from, including camel, latte, and deep ocean blue.

For the most part, Free People’s offerings are all about quality. They include items such as a space-dye knit sweater and a relaxed-fit rib-knit sweater. Although they might be a bit more expensive than you might expect, their products are worth the cost. Not only are they well-made, but they also reflect a certain adventurous it-girl.

The Free People Brookside Sweater certainly deserves a spot in your collection. This is a great item for both the office and the weekend. The color is beautiful, and it looks good when paired with a white button-down and leggings or with a slouchy skirt. It is a versatile piece, and it is the perfect winter sweater. However, if you don’t need a large piece of clothing, there are many other options to choose from.

Overall, the Free People Brookside Sweater is a well-crafted, high-quality piece that is perfect for most occasions. At 61 percent off the suggested retail price, you don’t need to sacrifice a nice, warm sweater for a cheaper one. You can find this cozy piece on sale at retailers like Nordstrom, which has hundreds of great sale items in its assortment. So make your way over to the store and pick up a few things that will get you through the winter. And when you are there, check out the rest of the sale items, as well.