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Exo Dynamics Research Aid

Exo Dynamics Research Aid

The Exo Dynamics Research Aid is a field research unit. It contains icon labels that tell the player what they need to complete a task. After completing the task, the player is rewarded with a Thank You For Your Continued Assistance achievement. Exo Dynamics Research Aids are typically powered by a certain amount of power, and the player will need to have enough power to open them. To find out how much power is needed, hover your mouse over the research aid.

Exo Dynamics capsule suffocates

The Exo Dynamics Research Aid is an icon that matches resources in the Astropedia Menu. You can open this menu by pressing Start twice. To access resources, you’ll first have to collect resources. Once you’ve gathered enough resources, you can use a tractor to connect the trailers.

Exo Dynamics capsule reveals research sample

The new Exo Dynamics capsule contains a research sample. Its new architecture reveals new insights into capsule assembly. Instead of having one giant polymer with all of its components attached, the capsule is comprised of smaller polymers that are assembled from the outside inwards. This method explains the way capsules form from their cell walls.