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Canada-ukraine Authorization For Emergency Travel

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

Canada is making it easier for those affected by the ongoing situation in Ukraine to enter and remain here. This includes providing free travel authorization, a single-entry visa, and temporary resident status to those displaced due to Russian invasion.

Ukrainians can apply for the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) to temporarily reside in Canada until it is safe to return home. Applicants will receive a single-entry CUAET travel document by email that allows them to board a plane and arrive in Canada within 14 days.

This travel document allows them to travel within and outside Canada for up to three years, during which time they may also apply for a study permit or work permit if desired.

These permits can be used to work for any employer in Canada and they can be renewed so long as the individual has not been deported from Canada.

The CUAET provides for a longer period of residence than most visitor and temporary resident visas, which can be an important step toward permanent residency in Canada for many individuals. Furthermore, it eliminates some fees associated with visiting and working in Canada such as General Certificate fees (GC fees), biometric fee (biometric verification fee) and package transmission charges.

IRCC has taken steps to enhance its operational readiness to process CUAET applications and offer settlement services and other supports for newcomers. They are currently consulting with provinces and territories on how best they can assist these individuals during this transition.

In order to assist newcomers, IRCC will launch a family reunification sponsorship program for those wishing to bring their families permanently to Canada. This will provide those displaced due to the conflict in Ukraine with an opportunity to obtain Canadian citizenship and permanent residence.

Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador can now bring their loved ones to the province with the assistance of a dedicated support desk, which will guide them through every step of the immigration process. Staff will assist them with their application, facilitate immigration procedures, and connect them to appropriate agencies for further support.

This is just one of many measures taken by the federal government to assist displaced Ukrainians and their families. Other initiatives include a free travel fund that enables Ukrainians to purchase airline tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Citizens of Canada can donate Aeroplan points and cash to the Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund, which provides airline tickets for Ukrainians needing transportation to Canada. The funds raised by this fund will be used to cover costs associated with airline travel for displaced Ukrainians and their families who wish to settle here permanently.

Families can apply for the YES Program to receive a subsidized immigration medical exam in Canada, an important step that helps guarantee those displaced from Ukraine a secure return home.

Canada has pledged to accept an unlimited number of refugees from Ukraine as a way of supporting Ukrainians who come here. This decision will likely result in an influx of newcomers, so it is essential that they feel safe and secure during their stay.