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Travel Size Dior Sauvage

Travel Size of Dior Sauvage – Is it Unisex?

Sauvage perfume is an iconic masculine scent and makes an excellent present for men who wish to make a statement with their gifting choices. But its popularity with women has proven otherwise; many social experiments have demonstrated how simply wearing this scent can prompt women to start thinking of him! According to Dior’s House of Dior, Sauvage is intended solely as men’s fragrance; many women, however, find its aroma irresistibly masculine – one of their best fragrances yet for male wearers!

Sauvage, released in 2015 and inspired by wild nature, is a men’s fragrance designed to reflect this theme. Comprised of different ingredients that reflect wildness and raw masculinity – including Calabrian bergamot, spicy pepper and nuanced nutmeg along with ambroxan for its smokey accents – its bold yet mysterious aroma make up this original composition.

Named and marketed after Johnny Depp’s Native American culture, its name and marketing have drawn considerable criticism from some individuals who feel it culturally appropriates Native American traditions. Regardless of such criticisms, Johnny Depp has continued promoting it as its face – appearing even in a film for it! Now signed a multi-year contract to continue doing this work for them.

Dior recently released a video providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at its Sauvage fragrance film production, including footage featuring members of Native American communities whom Dior consulted for this production. According to Americans for Indian Opportunity (the organization that provided consultation services), their goal was for Dior and team “understanding contemporary Native realities and creating allies for Indigenous people”.

Notably, while many found the video beautiful, others argued that consulting Native American communities didn’t do much to redeem its scent’s reputation. These individuals called for its removal and accused the company of racism.

Responding to criticism over its advertisement, the company stated their commitment to diversity by noting how carefully they avoided cultural appropriation. Though no decision has been made as to refilming or not, they pledged more thoughtful behavior moving forward.

If you are interested in trying the travel size Dior Sauvage fragrance, there are multiple places you can do it: perfumeries that are authorized resellers of Dior products as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon, FragranceNet and FragranceX offer it for purchase. Physical stores are usually preferred, however, as you can test out samples before spending your money wasting money on something that won’t suit you and find something lastingly pleasing – all while saving money!