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Accounting Research Conference

The Four-School Accounting Research Conference

Earlier this year, the Four-School Accounting Research Conference was held at the New York University Stern School of Business. It provided an excellent opportunity for researchers in accounting to present their work to an audience of industry professionals and academics. The conference included presentations from participants from both the middle and senior levels of the accounting profession.

Abstract submission deadline

Submitted abstracts are evaluated by a committee that normally reaches a decision within two weeks of submission. All papers submitted will be reviewed for publication. The conference is open to papers from all areas of accounting research. It is an opportunity to present original research and innovative ideas. The conference will publish selected papers in a conference issue of RAST.

Submissions will be evaluated on the scientific content of the research and its relevance to the conference topics. Each presentation will have a title slide and a disclosure slide. The disclosure slide will list financial relationships. All sources of funding must be disclosed.

Doctoral/new faculty consortium application

Whether or not you are a student, early-career professor, or an established accounting faculty member, the Doctoral/new faculty consortium is worth checking out. It’s an opportunity to hear from leading researchers and get some valuable tips. During the conference, attendees can network with other scholars, present their own research, and share ideas with senior scholars. The event may also be a chance to snag travel funding, though it’s up to you.

The International Accounting Section has hosted a doctoral/new faculty consortium on a few occasions. The main purpose is to increase the amount of research being done. This is done by pairing a student with a senior member of the community based on their research interests.

JIAR submission deadline

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NYU Stern School of Business hosted the Four-School Accounting Research Conference

Earlier this year, NYU Stern School of Business hosted the Four-School Accounting Research Conference, bringing together accounting researchers from four northeastern business schools. In addition to NYU Stern, the other schools involved were Columbia Business School, the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale School of Management.

Each school has one paper presentation, with a discussant from the other school. The Conference is held in April, alternating between Rochester and New York City. Each session is hosted by a resident faculty, and includes a presentation round where early stage researchers can present their work. Each session is followed by a masterclass led by the resident faculty. This conference is open to all PhD students, but applicants are asked to submit a working paper or an extract from their PhD thesis.