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Peoples Bank Hartford Ct

Peoples Bank Hartford Opens New Branch in West Hartford

Peoples Bank, a Massachusetts-based bank with a big Connecticut footprint, has opened a branch in West Hartford. The new facility is the newest of its kind in the state, and it was designed to give customers the best of both worlds. The branch boasts an interactive video teller, but customers are more likely to find their needs satisfied by the usual ATMs and bank offices. In addition to its branch, the bank has 22 branches in northern Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

Its headquarters was built in 1989, and the company has since acquired several other New England banks. The most recent acquisition, Peoples Bank, National Association, was announced in April and completed in July. One of the first services the company offered was telephone bill paying, a service that has been around for several decades. The bank also offers a number of other unique services, including a specialized bank office with a mortgage expert.

Among its other noteworthy products and services is its interactive video teller. Unlike the typical automated teller machine (ATM), the teller is located inside a drive-through lane. This is not a bad thing, especially considering the fact that many customers appreciate the ease of contactless transactions. On top of its branch, the bank has 22 interactive video tellers at seventeen other locations.

Other ancillary services the bank provides include its own VideoBankerITM, a digital bill payment system, and the ability to take care of multiple machines with a single call to a live teller. While the teller may be the only thing the branch can offer to customers, the branch has a full staff to provide the necessary banking services. A small team of on-site employees is also responsible for all non-teller operations, from opening bank accounts to assisting customers with other financial services.

The bank’s most notable commercial presence is in the state of Connecticut. As of January 2016, the bank had a total of 24 branches in the state, including those in West Hartford, East Hartford, Middletown, and Windsor. In addition to its Connecticut branches, the bank has offices in Boston, Portland, and Worcester. They have also recently acquired Danvers Bancorp, Kesten-Brown Insurance, and Smithtown Bancorp.

Other noteworthy services the bank provides include its reSET Hartford program, which aims to help the unemployed, and its partnership with Habitat for Humanity, which helps low-income individuals and families by providing free housing. Additionally, the bank has also sponsored some notable community events, such as the re-opening of the Westmoor Park fountain and the Celebrate West Hartford event.

There are a handful of other banks that have gotten into the interactive video teller business, most notably TD Banknorth and its Hudson United bank. TD Banknorth was able to acquire Hudson United for US$1.9 billion in 2006. TD Banknorth will continue to operate Hudson United as a state-chartered limited purpose trust company.

With the opening of its West Hartford branch, PeoplesBank is in a prime position to become the new go-to bank for residents and businesses of the city. During the month of September, the company plans to donate nearly $60,000 to local charities and organizations.