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Less Traveled Yarn

Less Traveled Yarn Review

Less Traveled Yarn

This hand-dyed yarn is inspired by the adventure, travel and wanderlust that adds to a good life. It’s made with superwash merino with just enough nylon for durability, with an attractive sheen.
Colorways as vibrant as the skeins themselves, this yarn is an absolute pleasure to knit with.
Sarah and Matt Wharton founded this Arizona company with their soft-to-the touch yarn in various bases to suit any knitting need.
The best part? They ship your order free of charge!
Their website is an absolute delight to explore, offering an impressive selection of patterns and yarns. Additionally, there’s information about local yarn events and classes on their platform as well.
The company boasts a small but dedicated team that strives to craft the ideal sock, hat, scarf or other item to match your individual style.
Their latest venture: hand-dyeing silky alpaca fibers – an ideal addition to their other fibers.
The company’s flagship yarn, a plump and soft sock yarn with enough nylon to be durable, makes an excellent choice for close to skin projects like socks or shawls.
The company’s best-selling sock line consists of two main bases, a classic superwash merino and nylon combo and an ultrasoft wool/nylon hybrid.
They offer an extensive selection of sock kits as well as individual skeins in various colors.
The website is user-friendly, and you can order your yarn either online or at their physical store in Phoenix.