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Harry Potter Fortune Teller

Harry Potter Fortune Teller

You can make your very own Harry Potter fortune teller right at home. Simply fold a piece of paper into a square or a triangle. Make sure to make deep creases. Then, write one item in each slot. In each flap, you can also write the name and description of a Harry Potter character.

You can either make one at home, or download a template for a Harry Potter fortune teller to use at your party. It is available in English or German, and you can download it for free. You can also use the same template to create fortunes for Harry Potter parties.

Print Hogwarts House Bookmarks and other decorations based on these books. You can also print a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. These are both free and easy to make. There are even free printable Harry Potter thank-you cards and Harry Potter quotes (8×10) available.

One of the most fun Harry Potter fortune teller toys is the Origami Sorting Hat. There are four colors available for the hat. The hat will move as many times as the letters in the word you choose. The word you choose will be shown next to the number that corresponds to the number of letters.