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North Campus Research Complex

University of Michigan Expands North Campus Research Complex

The University of Michigan has announced its plans to expand its North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) with new permanent workspaces. This expansion means that more researchers will be able to conduct their work in the new NCRC. The new space will be home to cutting-edge research and provide researchers with a variety of opportunities.

University of Michigan announces expansion of north campus research complex

A new North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) will help spur interdisciplinary research and innovation in Ann Arbor. The facility is designed to house cutting-edge research and help the university establish itself as a leading translational research institution. The NCRC is expected to generate hundreds of new jobs and attract top-notch faculty. It will also foster public-private partnerships and innovative ways of working. The complex will be home to several interdisciplinary research institutes. For example, the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation will perform research on the quality, safety, and delivery of health services. It will also be home to the Biointerface Institute and the Michigan Institute for Research in Critical Care.

The University of Michigan purchased the former Pfizer campus in 2009, making it the University of Michigan’s largest physical expansion in 60 years. The NCRC will be home to dozens of U-M research facilities and labs. It will also house a clinical pathology facility and a VA Ann Arbor health care research center. The NCRC will be the home of thousands of U-M faculty and staff members.

New permanent workspaces open at NCRC

The new permanent workspaces at the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) are a boon for the medical school community. These spaces are designed to promote interaction among researchers and foster cross-disciplinary research. The new facilities are also home to more medical school research labs. The NCRC also will include a large atrium, which will be a gathering place for researchers.

The North Campus Research Complex was originally home to Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, until the University purchased the property in June 2009. The University’s medical school invested $300 million in the building, and more than 3,000 employees are now working there.

Opportunities for researchers

The University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex is in its third year of operation. In that time, the research complex has attracted a wide range of faculty, including economists, medical researchers, engineers, behavioral scientists, and more. The complex also has a number of initiatives that foster collaboration across disciplines. For instance, the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation brings together nearly 400 faculty members from across the university. Those collaborations are enabling the creation of a hub for health care research in Ann Arbor.

The University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex is a critical component in achieving this goal. It offers collaboration opportunities with private and not-for-profit entities. Companies interested in co-locating at the NCRC are evaluated on their ability to add value to U-M research as well as to pursue their own research. The goal is to encourage a vibrant environment that encourages innovative research and promotes new working methods.

Impact of expansion on U-M’s research mission

An extension of the University of Michigan’s funding agreement with the federal government will result in an additional $53 million for the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research. The institute, which is part of the School for Environment and Sustainability, conducts research to conserve and manage the region’s natural resources. The renewal agreement is the largest sponsored award in the school’s history.

The NCRC includes more than a dozen companies and is home to a Clinical Pathology facility. Its activities include seminars, training classes, and events for thousands of people. It also has a child care center, a fitness center, and a dining hall. A self-driving shuttle bus serves the campus. A variety of new businesses have also moved into the area.