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Portable Travel Lip Brush

Portable Travel Lip Brush

Beauty enthusiasts or makeup bag junkies alike will appreciate this portable travel lip brush. Not only is it stylish and compact, but its retractable bristles make it a must-have item for any lip enthusiast.

This miniature brush is one of the tiniest in the collection, yet it does its job admirably. Offering a softly tapered, fine tip, this bristle of magic applies lip color and lip liner with seamless coverage.

This non-porous synthetic fibres blend color without wasting any pigment, giving you fuller lips for longer with minimal effort.

Plus, its sleek design and comfortable grip will keep you satisfied.

Unlike the bulky lipstick brushes we’ve all had to deal with, this one folds neatly into its own case for convenient storage and transportation.

This lip brush may not be the cheapest on the market, but it does its job well.

Its soft, short bristles blend lip color and help draw a crisp outline for added definition.

Plus, its easy-to-open/close retractable handle keeps its bristles clean when you’re on-the-go.

What’s even better? This lip brush comes in an impressive 1000 piece pack!

A must-have for any lip enthusiast, this handy device allows you to keep your favorite product at the ready for touch ups on-the-go.

This compact and fashionable travel-friendly kit contains six brush heads, a mini makeup case and dual-ended handle – featuring magnetic handles for easy grab-and-go fun!

This is the best-sized portable travel lip brush we’ve tested. Its large and squishy handle makes it comfortable to hold, while its soft bristles do their job well.