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Research Jobs Milwaukee

Research Jobs in Milwaukee

If you’re interested in research jobs Milwaukee, there are many different options. These include being a Market research analyst, Research assistant, Research scientist, or Research fellow. These are all great options for those with an analytical mind. These jobs require a great deal of expertise and training. If you’re interested in a career in research, consider starting a job search.

Market research analyst

Market Research Analysts in Milwaukee earn an average annual salary of $58K and can earn as much as $109K. In Milwaukee, there are 38 available job openings for this position. These analysts are needed to help companies develop new consumer products and services, prepare marketing campaigns, and analyze the results. The analyst also makes recommendations for actions to be taken.

This role requires the applicant to perform research and prepare reports, data models, and presentations. They must also be able to analyze secondary data sources and create data models using Excel. In addition, they must be capable of working independently and collaborating with other team members.

Research assistant

If you’re looking for Research assistant jobs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there are a few things you need to know first. First, research assistant salaries in Milwaukee may be lower than average. The median pay for research assistants in Milwaukee is $41,924, which is lower than the national average. However, you can find more opportunities in nearby cities.

In Milwaukee, the Department of Employee Relations (DER) has several opportunities for entry-level employees. As a Management Trainee, you would be responsible for onboarding, new employee orientation, and compliance. This position is limited to one year, but may lead to promotion opportunities within City of Milwaukee agencies.

Research scientist

There are several ways to increase your salary as a Research Scientist. You can obtain a higher degree or move to a different company that pays more. You can also earn more if you have experience in management. If you have an advanced degree and management experience, you can command a higher salary than junior Research Scientists.

The salary range for Research Scientist is $74,043 to $110,876. The average is $88,477. This is based on a combination of your base salary, tips, commissions, and overtime pay.

Research fellow

Milwaukee, WI has 481 available Clinical Research jobs. The salary for this position may vary according to the location, industry, and local conditions. These job listings are updated frequently. Below are some of the local demographics. The quality of biospecimens is critical to the success of research. By developing quality specimens, researchers can increase their chances of publishing in high impact journals and obtain research opportunities.

Research coordinators need a broad understanding of various industries, including academic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, environmental, food flavors, clinical toxicology, medical billing, and more. They will conduct assessments and diagnostic interviews of patients and also conduct clinical consultation.

Postdoctoral position

For those looking for a postdoctoral position in research, Milwaukee is a great place to apply. The university has multiple neuroscience research laboratories and is currently looking for a research technician. The initial appointment is for a year and is renewable based on performance and funding. Interested candidates should have a PhD in astrophysics or physics.

The university also offers research intern positions as well. Postdoc fellows work under the supervision of Dr. Jing Dong, and their primary focus will be on large-scale genetic and genomic association studies. They will also have the option to work remotely if a pandemic were to break out. The position is for a year and does not require permanent residency, and the salary is according to NIH guidelines.