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Mi Fortuna Es Amarte Full Cast

Mi Fortune Es Arte Full Cast

You’re in luck if you missed the telenovela Mi fotuna es amarte. This drama, produced for Televisa by Nicandro Gonzalez Diaz Gonzalez, will air next year from November 8th to March 13th. The show stars Susana Gonzalez and David Zepeda.

The story centers around Natalia Robles who is a real estate agent and has dedicated her life to raising her children. She discovers that Adrian Cantu Garza her husband has been deceiving them. Along with his best friend, Veronica Alanis, Adrian is now on the run, scamming clients of their real estate agency. Despite the scandal and the fallout from Adrian, Natalia continues raising her daughters.

Natalia and Chente are still dating. However, she doesn’t feel that he should be married. She tries to win Adrian by offering money, but he rejects her. Meanwhile, Gustavo tells Mario to be careful with his business dealings with Adrian. Chole and Gustavo are growing closer. The two lovers continue to date but their relationship is in danger when Andrea and Chente discover they are not together. Despite their assurances, they are not content with their current situation.

Meanwhile, Natalia becomes convinced that Adrian is cheating and returns to her boarding home. However, she is also afraid of his sudden visit to her. She is confident that he loves and cares for her, despite her fear of being rejected from Chente. Later, she tells Chente that her second child is due.

Susana Alejandra Gonzalez del Ro is a Mexican actress who was born on October 2, 1973. She is the mother of Jose and Erika, her two siblings. Since childhood, she has dreamed of being an actress. She was a winner of a beauty contest in her hometown, and she studied acting in Mexico City.

Natalia continues to fight for Olga’s love, despite the fact that she fears she might not be able bear children. Chente also learns the secret of Natalia. She then asks her to stop looking for her. However, her feelings are thrown into turmoil and she ends up getting married to Omar.