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How Many People Get Ap Scholar With Distinction

How Many People Get AP Scholar With Distinction?

The AP Scholar award is a college admissions recognition for high school students who demonstrate college level achievement on AP exams. It is awarded to students who complete at least three AP Exams and obtain a grade of 3 or higher on each. Generally speaking, students who earn an AP score of 3 or above on at least four AP Exams are considered AP Scholars with Honors. If the student is able to achieve an average score of 3.25 on at least three AP Exams, then the student is eligible for the AP Scholar with Distinction award.

The AP Scholar Award is a national award that is given to students who achieve high scores on AP exams. Students who are eligible for the award are provided with a certificate and are listed in the AP score report. These awards can be used on your application, resume, and transcripts.

In addition to the AP Scholar award, the College Board also awards a number of AP distinctions. Some of these include the AP Seminar and Research Certificate and the AP Capstone Diploma. There are also different levels of AP Scholar awards depending on the student’s average AP score and the number of AP tests taken. While AP courses are advanced, they are generally a good fit for students who have completed solid grades in advanced classes.

The AP Scholar with Distinction is the most competitive AP award. To be eligible, a student must have an AP score average of 3.5. This is the highest score possible for the AP Scholar with Distinction and carries the most weight during the college admissions process. However, the number of students who receive this award is extremely small. Only about 122 students received the AP Scholar with Distinction in 2014.

AP classes can be difficult for students who are not ready for the rigor of a college-level course. They require a strong understanding of the material being covered and the ability to apply that knowledge in additional lessons. Many students opt to take AP classes to satisfy college credit requirements and to improve their college prospects. However, AP classes can sometimes limit a student’s exploration of broader electives.

When applying to a university, an AP award should not be the only consideration an admissions officer has. Applicants should also demonstrate other qualities such as an outstanding academic record, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and other academic credentials. Another factor that an admissions officer considers is a student’s readiness for college. Getting an AP award can help an applicant stand out in the crowded college application process.

Fortunately, the AP Scholar award is not a guarantee of a college scholarship. Although many students earn an AP Scholar designation, it is not required. Other students may be recognized at their schools.

Most colleges are willing to accept a student’s AP score. Even if an applicant does not earn an AP award, doing well on an AP test can help save money on college.