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Vibro Crystal Research

Getting Started With Vibro Crystal Research

Getting started with Vibro Crystal Research can be a bit daunting if you don’t have a lot of experience. But don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people who have already mastered the process of researching the properties of vibration crystals.


During the Vibro-Crystal Research event, players must connect Transmitter and Receiver crystals in order to trigger various buff effects. Depending on the set up of the receiver, the effects will differ. A character with the highest CRIT DMG will increase their DMG. If the effects are stacked, they will be even more effective.

For this event, players are encouraged to choose two parties to participate in the event. Each party will have their own set of Vibro-Crystals. To begin the challenge, players must select their difficulty level, choose their characters, and set up their teams. They will also receive a quest for the event.

Once the challenges are complete, players will receive a medal corresponding to their score. The prize pool includes Primogems, weapon enhancement materials, and ascension materials.


During Genshin Impact Version 2.6, the event is titled “Vibro-Crystal Research”. This event requires players to defeat enemies in a new Domain, and rewards players with crystal-based buffs. During the event, each day unlocks a new challenge. In addition to this, players are awarded insignias depending on the score of the challenge. This event is a good way to earn Primogems.

The event is a bit like the Spiral Abyss in that players will be creating teams. There are six stages, each with its own set of enemies. The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible within the given time limit.

The event is divided into two halves. Each half has its own details, such as enemies and rewards. In addition, each challenge is broken down into two parts.

Harmonics Test

During the Genshin Impact Vibro Crystal Research Event, players will have to connect Vibro-Crystals to each other. This can boost their scores and give them various buffs. However, it is important to note that the connections made by Vibro-Crystals are not stable.

For a detailed power quality analysis, the harmonic analyzer is the most suitable instrument. It allows the user to determine the wave shapes of voltage and current in a frequency spectrum. The analyzer also shows the presence of harmonics on an electrical power system. Compared to a conventional voltage or current analyzer, the harmonic analyzer provides more accurate results.

The experiment was performed on periodically polled lithium niobate crystals. The crystals were rotated around the z axis to observe the second harmonic generation within the absorption region of the crystal. The crystals were also analyzed by infrared spectroscopy to study molecular vibration.


During Genshin Impact 2.6’s Vibro-Crystal Research event, players will be required to use Transmitter and Receiver Crystals to complete various battle challenges. These crystals will give players various combat buffs. The real challenge lies in combining multiple Vibro-Crystals to achieve a synergy.

Players can choose to connect three Receiver Crystals or multiple Transmitter Crystals to one Receiver Crystal. The latter will give players more options when it comes to triggering buffs. Each Receiver Crystal will only trigger the buffs if conditions are met.

Transmitter Crystals also provide players with Harmonic Points. These points will help players gain more CRIT DMG and Harmonic Strength. The points are stacked in a way that more points equal more of a certain buff.

Genshin Impact 2.6’s Vibro-Crystal research event will give players the chance to earn Primogems. These rewards vary based on the difficulty level. Each day, players will be given a new challenge to complete.

Co-Op mode

During Genshin Impact’s Vibro-Crystal Research event, players will be able to earn rewards from various sources. Players can also use the effects of Vibro-Crystals to boost their scores and abilities. The event is free and is open to all players.

The event is split into two parts. The first part is the Spiral Abyss challenge. Players must defeat as many enemies as possible in a limited time. Each stage has a different set of enemies. Players will receive Primogems and Hero’s Wits for completing the challenge.

The second part is the Vibro-Crystal Research challenge. Players will need to set up two teams. Each team will have a transmitter and receiver crystal. The transmitter crystal will govern the buff effects and the receiver crystal will trigger buffs when certain conditions are met.