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Fisher Price Little People Frozen

Fisher Price’s Little People Frozen Collection

Fisher Price’s Little People collection includes Disney’s Frozen figures and toys. These adorable collectibles have been around for over 50 years and are still going strong. In fact, the company has sold over 2 billion of them. You can purchase sets with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff. This is a great way to encourage imaginative play and strengthen fine motor skills.

There are several different kinds of Little People figure sets, and each one is intended for children. They are sized for small hands. Each pack has a few character figurines, and is packed with fun. It also features an ice ring, which allows your child to interact with the figures. The ice ring is not only great for imaginative play, but it also helps your child learn about the winter season.

Aside from Little People, there are also Push-Along Toy vehicles and figure sets. These are great for younger children because they are fun to play with. For example, the Sven’s snowmobile is an interactive vehicle that has a working front wheel. It’s durable and is a good choice for young children who are into the movie.

The Frozen playset has many of the features of a real castle, but in miniature. It has three floors of pretend play, and two additional pieces. Also included are the magical lights and the fan-favorite song. Kids will love the little details that are present in the Frozen playset.

Aside from the playset, the company offers a set of Little People Frozen character figures. This set comes with a cute Elsa figure, along with her friend Anna. You can also purchase a figure pack that features all of the Frozen characters, and even a coronation outfit for Elsa and a regal outfit for Anna.

Some of the most interesting features of the Little People are the discovery buttons, which can be used to reveal a variety of wintry and magical sounds. There are also a number of exciting actions that happen as your castle grows. Another clever little feature is the moving front wheel of the sled, which adds to your child’s imagination as they play.

Since 1999, there have been more than 130 episodes of Little People. These have been released on VHS and DVD. Additionally, there have been six music videos, as well. These are all part of a toy company’s dedication to making toys that are fun for both children and parents. Whether your child is a fan of Frozen or not, they are sure to have a lot of fun playing with the Little People Frozen figures and playsets.

While the Little People have been produced for over half a century, they have changed and evolved over the years. The originals were made out of lithographed paper or wood, but the newest models are made of hard plastic. Today, the company has three different playsets and several different figure sets to choose from. All are designed for kids with small hands and big imaginations.