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Reduce Clutch Pedal Travel Porsche 944

Reduce Clutch Pedal Travel on Your Porsche 944

Reduce Clutch Pedal Travel

A clutch pedal that is difficult to press, sinks to the floor or is too easy to press is not only a nuisance but a safety hazard. This is because an uneven pressure on the pedal could send energy into your brakes and even damage your wheel.

Good news! There are a few steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of having a difficult-to-push clutch pedal. First and foremost, replace the clutch master cylinder.

Secondly, you can replace the slave cylinder located in the center of the gearbox that contains hydraulic fluid used to disengage your clutch.

Finally, inspect the master cylinder seals to confirm they remain in excellent condition and free from leaks.

The master cylinder is a hydraulic clutch engagement system that eliminates the need for cables to engage the clutch. Instead, when you depress the clutch pedal, brake fluid is pumped from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder and forces a piston disengaging the clutch.

Though not the most crucial component of the clutch system, the master cylinder plays an essential role. It acts as the first line of defense against brake fluid leaks – which are common on 944s.

This clever design includes several features to keep the fluid flowing smoothly and prevent leaks. One such component is a high pressure hose designed to stop liquid from entering into the engine compartment.

When the master cylinder is in good condition, it may last up to a decade before needing replacement. Unfortunately, this can be a complex and expensive process.

One of the best ways to extend the life of a master cylinder is to replace it with an OEM Grman unit. These are made from superior aluminum and designed for better performance than older, corroded aftermarket units.