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The Uses Of Sorrow

The Uses Of Sorrow Mary Oliver Poem

The Uses of Sorrow by Mary Oliver

There are many uses for the poem “sorrow” by Mary Oliver. While many people are immediately moved by the sadness of losing a loved one, she believes that it is a valuable tool to develop an understanding of life and of ourselves. The poems can also be used to help you find the beauty in life. Listed below are some of the ways the poem can help you. If you are interested in reading more poems by Mary Oliver, please check out this article.

The main theme of the poem is the limits of human consciousness. In fact, Mary Oliver writes about the limit of human language and consciousness. Her thirst is for the goodness in the spirit, rather than the material things she loves. This is an important point to make, as we need to understand the limits of our ego to feel good about ourselves. The use of sorrow in a poem can be used to move us forward and grow.

There are numerous uses of sorrow mary oliver poem. It can be used to help you cope with difficult times. A person may find the poem helpful to express her feelings. She can use it to deal with her problems, while others may feel hopeless and depressed. Using it in this way can lead to a greater appreciation for the human condition. And, as a powerful tool, you can even teach yourself to appreciate the beauty of the world and its many facets.

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