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Travelers Choice Luggage Review

Traveler’s Choice Luggage Review

Traveler’s Choice is a well-known name in the luggage industry. Their lineup includes a range of soft and hard side suitcases that are affordable, durable, stylish and have plenty of useful features.

This company is based in the United States and they sell 1.6 million pieces of luggage per year. They are under the umbrella of a large, family-owned corporation that houses brands like Prokas, U.S. Traveler, Pacific Gear, Beverly Hills Country Club Luggage, and other top-quality brands.

They make a variety of different models, including some that are geared towards business travelers and some that are for leisure travel. They also offer customizable bags that can be printed with any logo or design you want.

Their suitcases are usually made of polycarbonate, which is a durable material that will hold up well against wear and tear. They’re also lightweight and come with a TSA lock, so you can keep your luggage safe while traveling.

The quality of the luggage is pretty good, though some people have reported that they’ve had issues with their handles. They aren’t as durable as some other suitcases, but they’ll last you a few years of moderate use.

If you’re looking for an affordable suitcase with a good quality handle, the Traveler’s Choice Cambridge is worth considering. It has lock compatible zippers, a flimsy TSA-approved combination lock, and a metal ring and strap for piggybacking another piece of luggage on the back.

It’s also got a nice telescopic wheel handle that locks into position when extended for smooth maneuvering. Plus, all of their suitcases have add-a-bag straps that allow you to carry multiple bags without worrying about the weight.

Lastly, the handles have a decent gap between them and the case itself, which makes them easier to grip. Many other manufacturers keep their handles flush to the side, which can cause them to snag on things, or even break when you bump it around.

The suitcase is also backed up by a five-year warranty, which isn’t great, but it does give you the peace of mind that you’ll be covered should something go wrong. It’s important to remember that these bags aren’t going to withstand the beating that frequent travel often takes, so you may want to consider buying from a different brand if you travel more frequently than five to ten times a year.

They’re available in a few different colors and are pretty well made, but you’ll need to check the materials on each bag before making your purchase. Some of the cheaper ones are made from polyester and ABS, while the more expensive ones are built from ballistic polyester, which is a lot more durable and is used in premium suitcases.

Some of the features that you can find on these bags include spherical wheels, T-shaped handles for maximized packing space, USB chargers, and personalized prints. You can also get them in transparent materials, which is a great feature that can help protect your items from damage.