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What Is The English Equivalent Of The Term Yero?

[Noun] Aluminium Sheet That Has Been Galvanised And Corrugated (Often Seen Used For Roofing)

In English, What Does Bo Bong Mean?

Rooftop; Roof; Home; Advertisement. Tagalog. English. Bubonic.

What Is The Price Of Yero In The Philippines?

How much does Yero set you back? Yero costs 120 for 0.4 millimetres, 150 for 0.5 millimetres, and 180 for 0.6 millimetres for rib type designs. The thickness is measured in millimetres, whereas the price is calculated per foot. The corrugated designs are priced similarly to the rib patterns.

What Is The Composition Of Yero?

When compared to normally galvanised steel roofs, APO Galfan is a 95 per cent zinc-5 per cent aluminium alloy coating applied to the base metal steel, offering improved corrosion protection.

In Tagalog, What Does Budhi Mean?

Budhi, Konsiyensiya Budhi, Konsiyensiya Budhi, Konsiyensiya Budhi, Konsiyensiya

In Tagalog, What Does Rooftop Mean?

The Tagalog Equivalents Of The English Term “Rooftop” Are As Follows: More… 2.) Bubungán – [Noun] Roof; Rooftop

What Exactly Does The Tagalog Phrase Yero Mean?

Yero is a Tagalog name for galvanised iron sheets, which are often used for roofs, pet cages, and other similar applications. In English, what does “yero” mean?

Which Website Offers The Most Accurate Tagalog-To-English Translation?

Tagalog Translate enables you to key in a word or phrase and gets the best translation, as well as related translation and synonyms. Fagan Finder Translation Wizard provides free Filipino/Tagalog to English text and website translation.

What Is The Most Important Information You Should Know About The Novel Yero?

May-ari ng bahay na ipinapatayo ang maraming piraso ng yero ang nawala, kaya nagalit ang may-ari ng bahay na ipinapatayo. 1. For the roof of the home, one (1) kilo nails and fifteen (15) pieces of galvanised iron sheets are required. 2. Gethsemane contacted Andrew and instructed him to go to the hardware store and acquire three (3) galvanised iron sheets.

Are Tagalog And Filipino The Same Language?

It differs somewhat from Filipino, another widely spoken language in the Philippines. Except for the fact that they’re both vibrant and rich, the Tagalog language and its English version have a little similarity. Learn a few typical Tagalog phrases below to have a better understanding of this lovely island language.

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