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Donovan Peoples Jones Injury Browns

Donovan Peoples-Jones Injury Update

If you were a Browns fan last season, then you probably had your eyes on Donovan Peoples-Jones. After all, the second-year receiver was on track to become a valuable part of the Cleveland offense, catching a total of 13 targets in his first three games with the team. However, a groin injury prevented Peoples-Jones from playing against the Denver Broncos. Since then, he has been inactive against the Detroit Lions.

Whether or not he will be able to play this week against the Lions is up for debate. Although there are a number of players on the Browns’ roster who are expected to return, DPJ is a question mark. He did practice this week, but was limited in Friday and Thursday practices.

Nevertheless, there’s still time to get a good look at Donovan Peoples-Jones. He has been the most reliable receiver in the Cleveland passing game and has been a strong contributor to the team’s overall success. He’s been a consistent target for backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett, and he has been a physical and dependable threat. The Browns can’t have too many offensive weapons, and Peoples-Jones is one of them. He is a legitimate flier in 12-team leagues, and he’s been a consistent option in the team’s passing game.

In a matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, Peoples-Jones caught four passes for 31 yards and a touchdown. He also made a huge return for the team on a punt, racking up 76 yards in the process. This is the second player in the NFL this year to score a punt return touchdown.

While his production has been up and down this season, Peoples-Jones’ overall value has continued to rise. His numbers were largely up from the previous season, and he’s accumulated over 100 yards from scrimmage in six of his seven games this season. His production has been largely due to his ability to make the smallest of windows work, as he’s on pace to rack up 816 yards from scrimmage on 63 receptions. In addition, Peoples-Jones is a versatile player who can also serve as an extension of the team’s run game.

If you’re looking for a late-round flier, Donovan Peoples-Jones is worth a look. His versatility, plus his speed, will make him a solid addition to your team’s receiving corps. With one year left on his deal, there’s room to believe that Peoples-Jones could be a key contributor for the Browns for years to come. As long as Watson remains healthy, he should be able to help Peoples-Jones continue to make more plays.

After his 76-yard punt return, Peoples-Jones looked pretty confident for the start of Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. He had three catches before halftime, and he even scored on a three-yard touchdown reception. But when the team tried to go back to DPJ on a fourth-and-three later in the game, he didn’t convert.

This is a testament to his growth over the past three seasons. He has improved his route running, and he’s gotten better at spotting holes. With the Browns’ offense being a low-volume one, Peoples-Jones wasn’t able to put up monster numbers, but he did continue to answer the bell when the team called his name.