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Minnie Travel Ballet Flat

The Minnie Travel Ballet Flat

Foldable, flexible and slightly pricey (though still cheaper than some babes in arms), the minnie travel ballet flat will take your fancy footwork to new heights. Sporting a shiny little red rubber sole, this gimmicky gadget is definitely real deal. The minnie shoe is not only fashionable, but also functional and oh so comfortable. Plus it comes in an eye-catching box sure to turn heads wherever you put it – the envy of every closet! Recently, I took the minnie on a business trip and can confirm that it truly is the star of the show. Since packing it into my bag, I’ve never regretted a single step of the journey – an invaluable asset for weary travelers. If you’re in search of a pair for under $200 on Tory Burch’s site, they are sure to impress.