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Labor And Delivery Travel Nurse Jobs

Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Jobs

Are you seeking a nursing career that makes a difference in the lives of mothers and babies? Labor and delivery travel nurse jobs could be your perfect match. They offer competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, as well as opportunities to travel and explore new places.

The Best Travel Nurse Schools

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is the minimum educational requirement to work as an L&D travel nurse, but it can be beneficial to pursue additional certifications and training to enhance your skill set and give yourself an edge when applying for jobs. This will boost your employability chances significantly.

The University of Pennsylvania offers outstanding women’s health and obstetrics nursing programs that give you the hands-on training necessary for success in this career. You’ll also enjoy one-on-one faculty guidance as well as an academically rigorous curriculum.

How to Land a Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing Job

The labor and delivery nursing field is highly competitive, so you’ll need to be ready to accept assignments at any moment. A travel nursing agency can connect you with open assignments in hospitals across America.

A reliable agency will provide you with an impressive benefits package, including a generous 401(k) match and travel reimbursements. Furthermore, you’ll become eligible for medical, dental and vision coverage from day one of assignment.

Employers Value Positive Attitudes

A labor and delivery travel nurse must be able to adapt quickly to their new environment, as they may have to relocate multiple times during their assignment. This necessitates a high sense of optimism and energy. Healthcare staffing agencies screen applicants for upbeat personalities as well as harmonious working relationships with co-workers and managers.

Communication skills are vital for travel nurses, as they must communicate with patients and their families during trying times. Furthermore, being able to interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds necessitates an open mind and willingness to learn.

What is the Salary of a Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse?

Although salaries for labor and delivery travel nurses differ by state, they generally earn more per hour than staff labor and delivery nurses do.

In certain circumstances, a travel nursing agency can negotiate an improved pay rate with hospitals. This may be especially advantageous if the facility is facing a shortage of labor and delivery nurses.

Overtime Pay & Shift Differentials

Are you in search of ways to increase your wages, consider taking on more hours. Many facilities offer overtime pay and shift differentials – which increase your hourly pay by a few dollars for working extra shifts or weekends.

Working extra hours may pay you up to three times your normal pay; however, this depends on the hospital you’re assigned to. Be sure to inquire with the agency about possible incentives before accepting an offer.