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Flagstaff E Pro Travel Trailer

Flagstaff E Pro Travel Trailer Review

Forest River RV’s Flagstaff E Pro travel trailer series is one of their newest offerings, making them one of the leading camper manufacturers. Their campers include class A/C motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers; as well as class C RVs and toy haulers.

This lightweight camper is an excellent entry-level travel trailer option for beginners looking to test out camping without investing in an additional vehicle. Light enough to be pulled behind an SUV crossover, it features all the standard amenities found elsewhere within its price range.

Young campers looking to bring along their own outdoor toys on their adventures may find this trailer suitable. With its tongue-mounted bike rack and roof-top kayak and canoe carrier as well as rear access ladder, it provides young campers a simple solution.

This trailer comes equipped with a full powered awning, gas barbecue hookup and outside shower. Sleeping two people comfortably inside it and providing ample storage throughout.

This trailer weighs just 3,144 pounds and can easily be towed by many smaller trucks and SUVs, making set-up easy on the road and ready for camping trips.

There are various floorplans ranging in length from 12 feet to 21 feet that include kitchen, full bed and separate shower/toilet space; some plans even feature an optional solar panel system.

Trailers typically include a 31-gallon freshwater tank, 30 gallon gray and black holding tanks and may feature generators.

These trailers feature basic components, such as a dinette in the front and sofa bed in the rear; their floor plans often incorporate kitchen and bath facilities located conveniently opposite each other in a center section.

With a host of customization and upgrade options available with EPro trailers, it’s possible to create your perfect EPro trailer to meet both your needs and budget. Most models include an AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth capability and USB port; 12V TV with built-in DVD player; WiFi Ranger booster; roof-mount solar panel; and Shower Miser water saver system as standard features.

Some of the more popular options available to trailer owners are an air conditioning unit with 13,500 BTU capacity, tongue-mounted bike rack and off road package. These allow them to safely tow their trailer through rough terrain without worrying about towing components causing issues when traveling over rocks, trees or other obstacles.

This trailer also comes equipped with a power package consisting of a 400 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 3000W/160A inverter/charger and 600 watts of solar panels for powering fridge, A/C, microwave and outlets off of the electric grid.

This solar off-grid solution offers great advantages to those who wish to live off-grid. A roof-mounted solar panel feeds into a 1000Watt converter which supplies energy needed for running most electrical appliances in this model.