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Baby Measuring 2 Weeks Behind At 20 Weeks

Your baby may be measuring two weeks behind at 20 weeks of pregnancy, but there’s nothing to panic about. There are many reasons your baby may be behind. If the measurement is higher than expected, it may be the result of gestational diabetes or other causes. At 20 weeks, the baby’s head circumference should measure approximately seven inches. It could indicate malformation if it is lower.

Fundal height is a measurement that helps to determine if the baby is growing properly. This measurement is taken from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, and should match the gestational age of the baby. This measurement is usually in centimeters. If it’s below 20 weeks, it may be due to breech presentation. A woman who has a higher than 20-week gestational age is more likely to have a breech baby.

An ultrasound is not an “in-and-out” appointment, and you should plan your visit around other obligations. The ultrasound itself can take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the baby’s health and compliance with the procedure. After the ultrasound, you will probably meet with your doctor for a follow-up appointment. Ultrasound technicians must wait until the baby shows all its feet and frontal view.

You may also notice a smaller belly button and a different weight. While the measurements may not be accurate, they can provide some helpful information. Your OB/GYN will conduct an investigation to determine the fetus’ health and determine if there are any other problems. A rescan may be recommended for the baby after 20 weeks. This will allow you to monitor her growth and rule out potential problems. Your doctor will also be able to rule out any problems with intrauterine growth restriction and low amniotic fluid. If your baby is two weeks behind, they will be treated.

It is important to know the weight and height of your baby, in addition to calculating the correct time for your pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s body continues to grow, and a 20 week ultrasound will show incredible details of the baby’s growth. During this time, your baby will start moving around and your partner will be able to feel it, too. This can make the due date calculation incorrect. However, there are some other possible causes for a baby being two weeks behind.

At this stage, a baby can reach nine inches long from the crown to the rump and weigh nearly two pounds. It is covered in a downy layer called lanugo that helps hold the vernix caseosa onto the skin. The baby’s thumb is pressed down by a sucking reflex. There are eyebrows on both sexes, and the testes have begun to descend in boys.