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The Forest Collaborative – Improving the Quality of Forest-Related EfD Research

A community of policy-oriented researchers at universities and research centers around the world, the Forest Collaborative (FCR) is aimed at improving the quality of forest-related EfD research. Its members organize meetings, workshops, joint research projects, and publications. These include peer-reviewed journal articles and research papers.

Soluble constant fragment (Fc) fusion proteins are a valuable source of recombinant antigens, which are widely used in immunotherapy and laboratory investigations. These proteins are produced by genetically linking a protein moiety of interest to the N-terminus of murine Fc. These fusion proteins are produced by large quantities of fusion proteins in mammalian cells.

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Only a small percentage of patients are able to benefit from antibody-based therapies. Due to their lack of efficacy, most antibody-based therapies have failed in clinical trials. These failures have prompted further research into the properties of antibodies. Fc engineering is an example of this innovation. It involves altering the amino acids sequences and Fc glycosylation to antibodies.

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FCRF is the leading authority on fancy color diamonds and has been collecting data on the retail market since 2005. It also integrates its findings into new tools and services. It also offers periodic research and analysis tools to its members. In addition to its research and insight, FCRF produces a range of publications and posters that highlight the beauty of fancy color diamonds.