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People Magazine Facebook

People Magazine’s Facebook Page

One of the best selling weeklies in the world, People is no slouch when it comes to quality content. It has an impressive library of 500 videos and is churning out a whopping 200,000 unique visitors per month. The company’s Facebook page is also active, with a whopping two million followers to boot.

The company’s social media presence is one of the most engaging in the business. Not only has it figured into the magazine’s circulation and advertising plans, it’s also been an invaluable resource for reporters. From the live blog to the article pinning feature, the magazine has thrown its hat into the ring to a tee. They’ve even sent out custom display bins to retailers. With the number of users on the rise, it’s important to keep tabs on your brand’s Facebook profile and make sure you are not missing out on the latest and greatest.

The magazine has been known to pay a premium for celebrity photos and exclusive interviews. In a recent interview, executive vice president of digital publishing, Rob Slater, attributed People’s hefty payouts to the fact that the magazine is published in New York, where celebrity news is plentiful and the city’s high-tech infrastructure is top notch. The payments aren’t just a boon for the media company, but they’re also responsible for inflated costs in bidding wars with rival publications.

One of the better-known tidbits is that the company’s newest social media gimmick is a dedicated Facebook page. For starters, it features articles and newsworthy information on a wide range of topics. This includes a slew of human-interest stories, celebrity news, and movie and music reviews. As you might expect from a magazine devoted to entertainment, the page also encourages diversity. Among other things, it allows actors of color to play an equal role in the company’s advertising campaigns.

Other highlights include a royal wedding special collector’s issue and a 72-page wedding album spread that’s bound to boost sales. Even the company’s website has a slew of interesting content – from the aforementioned royal m m to a funky a la carte section where users can share their own wedding plans and musings. Aside from the standard ad placements, the site is also equipped with interactive royals encyclopedia and a map of hotspots visited by William and Kate. Those interested in wedding related content should also check out the People Magazine Blog.

Finally, the company’s ad hoc mobile and e-commerce team has a lot to boast about – including its ecommerce capabilities, a new mobile app and its impressive list of subscribers. These are a few of the reasons why the company has earned its place as one of the nation’s leading lifestyle publishers.