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Travel Lite Falcon F Lite Fl 14

Travel Lite Falcon Fl 14 Review

The Travellite Falcon F lite FL 14 is a lightweight, compact toy hauler designed to make the most of every inch of space. Ideal for towing behind most smaller SUVs or storing away after an enjoyable weekend outdoors, its sleek design maximizes every square inch available.

Travel Lite Falcon: One of the finest examples of ultra-lightweight toy haulers available today. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, it has been designed for style and functionality alike.

This trailer boasts many fun and functional features to enhance your camping adventure even more. These include a two burner range with hood, stainless steel microwave, solid Granicote kitchen countertops, as well as dinette seating that’s sure to wow guests.

For the ultimate comfort and convenience, the F lite fl 14 offers double sinks in its full bathroom as well as a walk-in shower – so you can take a luxurious bath without ever having to leave your trailer!

The Falcon Flite FL 14 is renowned for its ease of set up and towing capabilities. Most 6-cylinder vehicles can tow it, so you’ll spend less time driving and save money on fuel while traveling.

The Flite FL 12 is an ideal camping trip companion with its advanced features. It provides the ideal balance of style and functionality to meet all your needs.