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Nanit Travel Stand

The Nanit Travel Stand – A Great Way to Keep an Eye on Your Baby When They’re Away From Home

The Nanit travel stand transforms your Nanit Pro camera into a basic travel nanny cam. With an adjustable neck and 130deg wide angle lens, it’s perfect for checking on your child while they’re away from home.

Parents with limited space in their house but want a straightforward solution for keeping an eye on their little one will find this product ideal. Not only that, but it can also be taken along to Grandma’s or other locations where your kid may stay overnight or spend some time.

This smart baby monitor connects to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi, streaming live video and audio directly onto the device for anytime access to your child. With enterprise-level security, AES 256-bit symmetric encryption, and two-factor verification for added protection, this product also has user permissions, white noise, background audio, nature sounds, temperature/humidity sensors, nightlight mode and night vision mode for added peace of mind.

Your child’s sleep patterns can be monitored with the Nanit app, which records data over time and offers guidance based on that analysis. With time, these insights may help identify what’s causing their issues so that action can be taken to enhance sleep for your little one.

The Nanit camera unit itself comes with a Breathing Band you can wear around your baby’s torso for breathing motion monitoring (only compatible with the Nanit Plus and Pro). It can monitor up to 20 different points on your child’s body, alerting you when they need attention so you won’t have to get out of bed every time they struggle.

There’s also the Multi-Stand option, which can be used to place the camera wherever it’s needed. It can be placed on a table or shelf and leans up against a wall for an expansive view of your baby’s crib. Although more expensive than other stands, having such a portable and easy-to-move stand makes all the difference.

Nanit Pro Camera users can mount their device to a wall using an optional wall mount that comes complete with all necessary hardware. You’ll receive cable guiders and a wall-mounting bracket so you can position the camera above your baby’s crib without causing any obstructions.

On Amazon, a Nanit Wall Mount costs about $100 and comes with a cable cover to prevent your child from pulling the cord. Alternatively, if your camera is currently mounted on the floor and needs moving, consider ordering a Nanit Floor Stand.

Though not as versatile as a floor stand, wall mounts are an excellent option for most families. Not only does it give you a better view of your child’s crib, but it also helps ensure the camera doesn’t fall off the wall.

Configuring the Nanit app is easy; simply mount your camera on a wall and add your mobile phone as a second user. From here, you can view your child’s sleep statistics, customize settings and add multiple cameras to the system. You may even adjust night vision sensitivity while adding a nightlight for proper illumination during nightfall.