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Kicked In The Balls Vs Period Pains

If you’ve ever asked a woman about the pains of getting kicked in the balls, the answer probably won’t surprise you. Period pains are actually more painful than the pain of getting kicked in the balls. In fact, period cramps are sometimes so bad that a woman is unable to function. But do you really know what’s worse? Having a period and getting kicked in the balls, or worse, both?

The debate between being kicked in the balls and giving birth has long been a source of heated arguments among couples and friends. While there are some interesting facts about childbirth and ball-busting kicks, they will likely never settle the debate. Here are some facts about both. Give birth and period pains aren’t the same, but the pain from getting kicked in the balls can last a long time, resulting in a sharp rush of pain.

Unlike periods, the pain from getting kicked in the balls is not a normal pain. It doesn’t go away with rubbing. It begins from within, and it’s often so intense that it causes nausea and high blood pressure. You might even pass out. Not to mention that it’s potentially life-threatening. Therefore, men and women should discuss the topic before getting kicked in the balls.