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8900 Research Park Dr

8900 Research Park Dr in The Woodlands, Texas

If you’re looking for a new place to live, 8900 Research Park Dr might be just the place you need. This apartment is located in a great neighborhood in the Dallas area, and features a quiet and convenient location. In addition, this property is close to many great places, so you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the city’s best spots. The neighborhood has a great Walk Score, so it’s easy to get to work on time in the morning. The neighborhood is also known for its many parks and nature preserves.

Walk Score

8900 Research Park Dr has a Walk Score of 27 out of 100. This apartment community is in the Research Forest neighborhood in The Woodlands. Residents in this neighborhood tend to be car-dependent. Northshore Park and Meadow Lake Park are both nearby. There are many other parks and amenities nearby, so getting around on foot should be a breeze.

Walk Score is a comprehensive tool that measures a location’s walkability. It includes factors such as traffic, pedestrian density, and road quality. It is based on a methodology developed by leading academic researchers and analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. To calculate the Walk Score for 8900 Research Park Dr, we first calculate the distance to amenities within five minutes. We then apply a decay function to assign points for farther amenities.

Environmental noise

Environmental noise is the noise from various sources. In particular, the noise from air transportation, roads, and industrial facilities can be disturbing. This noise may also be caused by recreational activities, such as firearms, or by amplified music. Adolescents tend to use personal music players, which can produce harmful sound levels. In fact, studies by Breinbauer and colleagues have found that loud music may cause adverse health effects.

Fortunately, there are a variety of strategies that can be used to reduce noise from these sources. For example, land use planning and the City Noise Ordinance can be used to minimize noise impacts in development projects. These strategies include: (a) implementing a noise reduction plan; (b) using noise studies to determine whether a specific project is environmentally sound, (c) incorporating noise mitigation into the development process; and (c) educating residents and visitors about the noise issues.

Public health studies show that chronic exposure to environmental noise is associated with a number of adverse health effects, including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disruption, and annoyance. However, the effects of noise are different and require different exposure levels.


The Quiet Parks International team is developing a Data Management Plan to collect and normalize existing research data for parks that have been certified as quiet. This plan will include a publicly available search tool that is free to users. These tools will help researchers identify parks that are a good fit for the Quiet Parks International certification standards.

This information is computer generated. It does not guarantee school enrollment. Therefore, buyers should independently verify the schools. They can contact the school district to confirm the information. The noise index is calculated using a 5-year time period and a 2% inflation rate. The noise index ranges from 50 to 100.