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Ians Research

Reporting for IANS Research

Reporting for IANS Research requires thorough research and thorough reporting skills. Reporters read business publications to find the best stories, distill the daily news into executive-level bullet points, and interview subject-matter experts and other infosec luminaries. In addition, reporters must be willing to work with the IANS Research Team to ensure that the content they produce adheres to their strict standards.

CISO Forum

If you are in the information security industry, you may be interested in working for IANS. The company is currently seeking a writer and editor for several of its product lines. This person will be responsible for creating and editing high-quality, error-free copy. He or she will also be responsible for building clear, easy-to-understand documents. These documents may be attributed or not, and they will be delivered to clients through email and the IANS client portal. They will also be expected to answer any client questions.

IANS Research has been focusing on information security for nearly a decade. Their goal is to help CISOs make better decisions about security. They believe that deep domain knowledge is priceless. That’s why they’ve built their organization around a Faculty of cyber experts who provide hands-on experience in all aspects of security. This approach was inspired by the Harvard Business School model of collective learning.

In addition to thought leadership, the Global CISO Forum holds an annual symposium to recognize outstanding cyber security companies and individuals. The event draws top decision-makers and IT leaders.