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Lost Ark Research Bug

Lost Ark Research Bug Fixed

There is a bug in Lost Ark that prevents you from completing secondary research in your Stronghold Lab. This prevents you from seeing any of your completed research projects. The fix for this issue involves going into your Stronghold Lab section and selecting Research. In addition, the secondary Research Stronghold Lab slot is now missing.

Players have also reported that the mouse seems to get stuck sometimes. In some cases, this means that you can’t select any items and cannot click them. This issue is not limited to the Valtan Raid. Players who have experienced this problem have been advised to log out and re-enter the game.

A new update to Lost Ark includes bug fixes and additional content. This patch contains several changes to the game, including the introduction of an Advanced Class and a new gear rarity called ‘Relic’. It is expected to be available until 11 UTC today. During the update, some players might experience freezes while taking on bosses, so it is recommended to log out and restart the game.