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Tomaso Evangelista

Tomaso Evangelista was a Pignataro Interamna native and he died on January 17, 2014. He was the father of Linda Evangelista, the famous model. He worked for General Motors. His parents were Matilda Evangelista and Amedeo Evangelista. Their children include Dan Evangelista, Linda Evangelista, and James Evangelista.

Linda Evangelista is a Canadian model. She was born in St. Catharines (Ontario) on May 10, 1965. Her parents were Italian immigrants of working class. Her mother was a bookkeeper, while her father worked at General Motors. She attended a modeling school when she was twelve years old. She was also active in Miss Teen Niagara beauty pageant and Elite Model Management soon scouted for her.

Tomaso Evangelista’s net worth has remained secretive for years. The actress’s modeling career has earned her a lot of money. She signed multi-year contracts with beauty companies like Clairol, which earned her $5 million per year. Marisa Evangelista, who is also an aspiring fashion designer, also has three children, Dan, Linda, and Marilena.

Evangelista had several relationships with women in his life. During the 1990s, he married Gerald Marie, the head of the Paris office of Elite Model Management. Later, he was engaged to actor Kyle MacLachlan. They later split. Evangelista also dated French football player Fabien Barthez. The two dated for seven years before splitting in 2000. In 2002, the couple divorced, and Augustin James was born.

Evangelista, a Canadian fashion model, has been a supermodel almost 30 years. She has graced over 700 magazine covers and is one of the world’s most famous models. Her beautiful, flawless skin and amazing body are the reasons for her enduring popularity. Evangelista has won several prestigious awards, including the Fashion Institute of America’s Women’s Model of the Year award. And in the late 1990s, she was named the most successful supermodel of all time.

Evangelista began modeling in 1984 at a young age. She was a muse for Steven Meisel and has appeared on over 700 magazine covers. She was the only model to appear on more than one Vogue Italia cover. Evangelista was married to Gerald Marie in 1987, but they divorced in 1993. She is a well-known model and is known as a “chameleon”, in the fashion industry.