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Harry Potter Fanfiction Lord Peverell Time Travel

Harry Potter Fanfiction – Lord Peverell Time Travel

The wizarding world can be an enormously daunting place and can be difficult to traverse. Many things could happen that could put your life at risk; violence and evil exist here but they can be overcome using time travel and fighting techniques.

Harry Potter fanfiction Lord Peverell Time Travel

A young boy taken away from his parents as an infant returns to the wizarding world after years of wandering alone and meets all who helped him along his journey, learning a great deal about both it and himself in the process. It may have taken long enough but now is finally the time for him to assert himself and fight for what he desires.

He must face numerous challenges, some good and some bad, yet remain determined not to let them hold him back. He must overcome his fears and build the strength necessary for taking up his role as hero within the wizarding world.

His life is forever altered when he finds himself transported back in time to help kill Voldemort and stop war. Though difficult, he will do whatever it takes to save both wizarding world and all those living within.

Once back in his own body, he is more powerful and better able to fight for what he desires. He doesn’t like seeing his friends suffer and will do all he can to ensure they receive what they require.

The only person capable of stopping him is himself: the King of Darkness must find a way to beat him once and for all.

He will have to battle against other magical creatures and even some humans; but it will all be worth it if he can defeat the King of Darkness.

An unlikely hero emerges when an ordinary teenager finds himself sent back in time to stop Voldemort from murdering his father and fight alongside those closest to him against their enemy, Voldemort. Along the way he will encounter many challenges, face personal demons, and defend those he loves – only then can the true adventure begin!

In this AU, he discovers that the boy he thought he was is not who they thought they were and must battle his past and prove himself as the hero they have been waiting for in wizarding society.

There are still more stories out there waiting to be written, so feel free to share any ideas you have! The more details we get from you, the better we’ll be able to write them!

Hope you have fun reading them, if so please leave them a like on them as I would greatly appreciate that!