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I'm a full time working dad that tries to keep up with technology. I want to haev this blog to share about my life, my journey, places I visit, lifestyle, technology, beauty, business and other topics. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Gcj Research

GCJ Research

The company GCJ Research sends out email messages to people who are randomly selected to take a survey about a political issue. The messages are a form of political advertising and, while they may seem to be legitimate, they are not. Instead, they are scams, designed to deceive the unsuspecting public. These messages should not be clicked or downloaded.

The GCJ also advises the U.S. government on issues related to transitional justice, atrocity crimes, and hybrid tribunals. It also works with other governments and international institutions, including the United Nations. The organization also assists international commissions of inquiry, tribunals, and special courts that probe atrocities in every part of the world.