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Associates For Biblical Research

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies From Liberty University

If you are looking to study Biblical studies, you may want to consider an Associate of Arts program from Liberty University. Below you will find information about the courses offered by Liberty University, the accreditation of the program, and the cost of attending. There are many factors to consider before enrolling in a program, but these points should help you choose the right program for you.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies program

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies program is a two-year degree that emphasizes Christian values, spiritual formation, and servanthood. It requires 60 semester hours and a 2.5 GPA to graduate. Students will learn how to interpret Scripture and formulate theological beliefs based on biblical and historical perspectives.

The program is flexible and can be taken online or at a traditional campus. The goal of an AA in biblical studies is to prepare students for the next step, whether that is the ministry field or a baccalaureate degree program. Online courses are typically seven weeks long, and students can take more than one class per semester. It is important to follow a degree plan in order to complete your degree requirements.

Courses offered at Liberty University

If you’re interested in biblical research but have not had time to attend a university campus, you should consider Liberty University, a Christian university with a history of distance learning. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and offers a variety of online degree programs. These online degree programs are convenient, affordable, and allow students to maintain their ties to their families and churches while they study. Liberty also offers several doctoral programs for those who wish to advance their education.

If you’re looking for a degree that allows you to study the Bible in depth, you might want to consider the specialized Biblical Studies degree programs offered at Liberty University. These programs are offered on the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels and focus on the study of biblical texts. The coursework is designed to develop practical skills as well as the theoretical foundations of the Bible.


An Associate for Biblical Research accredited college or university offers a program that is based on biblical research. The program equips graduates with a working knowledge of biblical content and principles. It also helps them develop conservative Evangelical positions on a variety of issues. In addition, the program teaches biblical studies in depth, making it an excellent choice for those who are interested in a career in the ministry.

The program also requires students to apply biblical insight and Christ-like values to all aspects of Christian practice, ministry, and human relationships. Additionally, students should be able to articulate the major domains of general studies in a biblical framework.


The Associate in Biblical Studies degree prepares students for leadership roles in the local church and discipleship. Students must have a strong interest in theology and a commitment to ministry to qualify for the degree. They must also have high-speed Internet, basic computer skills, and experience with Microsoft Office programs. To apply to an Associate in Biblical Studies degree program, applicants must submit their transcripts and letter of recommendation.

Some schools offer a two-year online associate’s degree in Biblical Studies. The curriculum includes courses in Biblical studies, computers, hermeneutics, and humanities. Students must also complete courses in the history of American Christianity and basic Christian beliefs.