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Why Do I Have So Many Cavities

If you’re wondering why do I have so many cavities, you are not alone. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and habits to determine what’s causing your deterioration. Stress can increase your chances of getting cavities. It boosts your immune system and causes inflammation throughout the body. Stress can also dry out your mouth and cause you to crave unhealthy foods. There are ways to reduce your chances of getting cavities.

Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Sugary foods attract bacteria to the surface of your teeth and gumline. High sugar diets alter the composition of plaque and encourage bacteria to metabolize sugar and make acid by-products. These acids can cause cavities by dissolving tooth enamel. Avoiding sugar is crucial to reducing your risk of cavities. Sugar is a major contributor to tooth decay. However, you can reduce your sugar intake by avoiding sweet foods.

Another culprit is sugary drinks. These drinks are high in sugar, which bacteria feed on. Sugars then seep into the tiny holes on the teeth and cause cavities. Sugar is best avoided by eliminating it completely from your diet. However, this can be difficult to do. Sugary drinks such as sodas and fruit juices are all common culprits. The best way to prevent cavities is to limit your sugar intake.

Another factor that plays a huge role in the development of cavities is the pH level of your mouth. Increased cavities can be caused by sugary drinks and simple carbohydrate-rich snacks. And sipping high-sugar soda will expose your teeth to more sugar than if you gulp it down in a moment. Sugary sodas can increase your risk of developing cavities if you drink a lot of them.

Brush your teeth twice daily and avoid sugary foods to reduce your chance of getting cavities. Avoid sugary drinks, sodas, dried fruits, and juice. Limit sugary foods to one meal and eat them slowly and in small quantities. Ask your dentist if you have any questions about improving your dental health.

Regular cleanings can help prevent tooth decay if you are prone to it. To strengthen your enamel, your dentist may recommend sealants or fluoride treatments. If you have problems with your teeth alignment, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist. Orthodontics can help straighten your teeth and make it easier for you to maintain a cavity-free mouth. Visit your dentist to get started.