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Who Inherited Arne Naess Jr Fortune

Who Inherited the Arne Naess Jr Fortune?

The billionaire Norwegian Arne Naess Jr. left a fortune of more than $600 million to his children and grandchildren. He was a businessman, mountaineer, and shipowner. Born in Germany, he moved to Norway when he was just a teenager. During his youth, he climbed more than twenty mountain peaks in Norway. He became a successful businessman and eventually started his own shipping company in late 60s.

His father, Erling Dekke Naess, passed away in 2004. Six hundred million dollars was left behind by his father, Erling Dekke Naess, when he died. These included real estate, shipping and IT. He later lived in Switzerland until his death.

Arne Naess Jr. and Camilla Astrup were married in 1965. They had two children together. They later divorced. Naess then married actress Diana Ross in 1999. He married Camilla Astrup after Diana. They had two sons and one daughter.

His father was a wealthy man, but his children had a piece. Ross, his son, is a successful businessman who also owns a nightclub in Los Angeles. He also owns other businesses. He is also active on social networks.

Arne Naess Jr was a multi-millionaire. His family includes three half-sisters and a half-brother. The billionaire was involved in a high-profile reality show. His two sons, Evan, and Ross, reportedly inherited the fortune of their father.

Evan Naess was the youngest child of the Naess siblings. He was a keen ski jumper and climber. He was also a Norwegian folklore fan. His son, who is also a lover of the outdoors, went on a mountain-climbing expedition in his honour. The siblings share a close bond. This is something that is rare within a family.

In addition to his children, Arne Naess’s former wife Diana Ross married mountain climber Kimberly Ryan Naess and had two children together. They met through a mutual friend. They met on vacation in the Bahamas. After their first meeting, their relationship blossomed.